The tuff road of Pistachio cultivation from Iran to America

The history of pistachios cultivation in the US

Today, California (99 percent), Arizona and New Mexico represent 100% of United states of America. There are about 950 Pistachio producers in the United States and the story of the U.S. pistachio industry has been one with tuff road during the history.

Today 408,233 metric tons is produced by Pistachio growers majorly in California and from the time of cultivation (1982) increasing production per hectare, from 2936 Kg, to over 7612 Kg per hectare in 2010.

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The history of Pistachio cultivation backs to California’s Central Valley – due to its fertile soil, suitable climate and proper winters create excellent growing conditions for the nut. In 1929, William E. Whitehouse, travel to Iran to search for a suitable variety of pistachios to grow in the U.S.A This was fallowed and continued to a close in 1929-1930, when he came back to the USA with a collection of approximately 10 kilograms of individually selected nuts.

All of the samples of the nuts rejected by the time only one proved useful. Unfortunately, He had picked the nut out of a pile of drying nuts in the orchards of the Agah family (More than a century ago, Mr. G.R. Agah, began commercial planting of pistachio trees in Kerman province, in Iran. Who were producing and commercializing precious Persian carpets around the world.

During early 1970`s these families represented over 90% of the country`s pistachio exports.

In late 1969-1970’s Agah Family internationalized the production of pistachios in California, USA. Also, the family installed a processing plant, roasting and packing in Hamburg, which allowed the growth in consumption of pistachios and dried fruits in Europe.)

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After all Whitehouse named the tree “Kerman” after the famous carpet-making city near Rafsanjan. Scientists propagated and strengthened the Kerman by budding it to heartier rootstock and developed productive varieties.

After many years, the concept American’s pistachio industry was becoming a reality and plantings emerged throughout California in the 1960s and later the estate became one of the most strategic pistachio exporter to the rest of the world.

Today pistachio supplier in the USA or Iran provide over 80% of the total pistachio production jointly.