IRAN and different varieties of pistachios


Iran is the land of pistachios and stands as the second (some years the first) pistachio producer in the world. Most of the pistachios are exported to the different countries like the UAE and the EU.

Pistachios have different kind of varieties like Supper long (Akbari), Long (Ahmad Agai ), Jumbo and Round there are bunch of other varieties but about80% of total production belong to the varieties which are mention before. Iranian Pistachio is well known in the world for its special characteristics, prime taste and delicious perfume as well. as an example, the pistachios are use in different industries such as: perfume, cosmetics, edibles like ice-creams and so forth.

Recently, most of the times Iran were the first country in the world base on quantity and amount of export to the rest of the world. due to the climate change, political and economic restrictions, slight immigration from farms to cities the level of production have been decreased because of the reasons  but, still the landlords and farmers are responsible and paly important role in the global supply chain.

The harvesting season starts from August and lasts until September which is starts from Khorasan Province to Kerman and other cities


Akbari (Super Long):

This is the most luxurious Varieties which is cultivated in Iran which is long in shape and the slot is lasting nearly to the bottom(70-85%) and the core is mostly out of the shell.

Super Long

AhmadAgai (Long):

This varieties are mostly used for domestic consumption because of affordable price and customers preferences.

Long Pistachios

Jumbo (Kale Gochi):

The Persian name comes from the shape of the pistachio which is look like head of Ovis Orientalis. The variety is popular in East Asian countries

Jumbo variety

Round (Fandogi)

Is cheap in quality and broken by special machines to obtain to the core for industrial proposes as additives.

Round variety