Who we Are…

Quality and price are same as two sides of a coin and one of the most important factors which are vital for entrepreneurial decisions which result a business to expand globally. we offer your needs with prime-quality and responsibility.

The Eu is one of the main dried fruits importer and among the top three exporter in the world. European countries like Germany, and France export over thousands tones of Nuts to the rest of the world.

as an example the UK imports over 18000 tones (more than 100 million US Dollar) of Dried Apple to meet domestic demand or re-export that to other counties so, due to the value of the business that is vital to find reliable supplier to maximize the profit as much as much as possible.

exporting dried apples to the Eu

our comprehensive knowledge and data basis is what makes us different our branches are active in different parts of the world from east Asia to the middle east to the far western parts of the world.

The quality control assures safety and tractability-which needs constant supervision and management efforts. 

with distribution partners to assure customer satisfaction- provide a bridge from the finest raw materials to the finest quality to export. Transparent, safe and constantly monitored quality control system and processing system is the key of production. The expertise in purchasing, farmers and scheduling of production contributed heavily to success of Nuts and Dried fruits products.

Our products are hand-selected from the finest orchard in different parts of the world.

Our expert consulates buy good quality crops from farmers and then depends the kind of product requested the process operations manipulate in our partners factory. Process includes some of same operations for all kind of products like washing, cleaning, sorting, controlling and packing. Our products are double sorted.

we are among the most reliable desiccated apricot supplier

Since 2000, we have exported our products to different countries. The main reason of the permanent success is our obligation to be responsible for today’s variable market which needs to be ready to meet consumers preferences as soon as possible.
Because of globalization that is vital to choose proper product at proper time to export to proper region, that’s the key of efficiency and sustainability. That’s why the basket of our products is diversified to cover every market.

Sustainability and Efficiency are the keys of success , nowadays that is necessary for companies to survive of world wide competition.

Harmony and bilateral comprehension have put our company first during past decades. our expertise are in close of farm lands to inspect all the stages of production to make sure the final customer resales what he or she is looking for.Our offices are scattered in the rest of the world to provide better services for whom are interested to meet and take part in B2B meetings to describe inconveniences and preferences.

dates_Arabic countries_raisin and almond

by using standard shipment terms, risks are decreased for both suppliers and customers.as buyers are sure about cargo, sellers are sure their payment will be met as soon as cargoes be laded.

A team of professionals are gathered to analyses conditions and offer the best solutions to meet markets around the world. We are here to help developed businesses or startups to achieve their goals by accelerating process from A to Z.
Wholesalers and retailers both of them are like a ring in supply chain. All we are here to play our rule in this business.