Dried fruits and Nuts supplier as a new profitable startup in the EU

Since past centuries ago, people are using nuts and grains to supply nutrients like minerals and vitamins to improve their physical and mental activities. Because as reliable sources of energy dried feuits are among one of the best snacks which can be consumed frequently during the day.Recently, most of the startups are some how related to edibles and related services some of them send boxes (monthly, weekly even daily) of chocolate, wine, snacks, nations recipes or dried fruits and nuts by subscription and pay-in-advance models to offices, homes or even academic institutions.

Dried fruits

Because of the nature of dried fruits which are full from protein, vitamins and minerals most of the customers who take care of themselves prefer to choose Nuts ( pistachio mainly Iran’s pistachios varieties , Almond or Peanuts and walnuts ) and Dried fruits which are offered by Dried fruit exporter to the Eu driedfruits importers like (dried apples, dried appricots, Desiccated cherries or berries) to receive daily calories which are vital for well preference and efficiency and because of that, Dried fruits suppliers in the eu are more active than past. Among those are active, some of them are market leaders base on the rigion and customer preferences other owns different shares as suppliers of dried fruits or as a single chain along the supply-chain.The new startups which play role in Dried-Fruits and Nuts in the Europe’s market, those which have better understanding of the overall condition are the most successful players. Because of the model of finance which they use, they have obtained to asustainable cash flow because of subscription model in one hand there is pay-in-advance model which help them to receive money before deliver the service. on the other hand they are sure about costomer have to receive the services which had paid for that before.Take away:1. They received cash and amortize that during a long period of time(take care of time value of money).2. Customers are out there to receive services and goods (we are talking about real costumer).Due to the reason which were mentioned before, the new startup have tendency to offer such services which are consumable during a short time frame and are based on human needs.In the EU, are bunch of such business, which some of them are successful and other less. But the advantages are getting clear and epidemic throw the European bussiness atmosphere.